Whilst cleaning the sieve.

One dank autumn evening,
whilst cleaning the sieve,
I pondered the peril,
in the places we live

The water flows through
the little square gaps
Of metal that's mined
from strange places on maps.

The metal is teased and turned;
And loaded on trucks
by minimum wagers
who just dont give no fucks.

The water flowed from the sky
through the rivers and streams
And went right through the sieve
Down the plug hole with our dreams.

The water is heated by gas from the ground
And up through the pipes
With soft pressure all round.

The spark creates heat
And the water is heated
But Extinction Rebellion -
Their posture is seated.

My life ticks away
as the crud gets stuck
Those little square gaps
Are not clearing with luck.

The planet getting warmer,
The resources are used
And the doom laden earth
Is dying, I mused.

Too many people
And too many sieves
But the world keeps turning
And with Grace, I lives.

The suffering and impermanence
Are facts of our time
And yet love shines through
The shit and the slime.

Surrender the ego
Let go of the pain
For through washing things up
Contentment comes, peace reins.